The Trinity

The Trinity

Boy what a crazy fight this belief has caused.

I grew up Catholic and apparently we believed this?  Growing up I always heard “God’s son”, “Jesus went to his Father”, “Jesus prayed to his Father” and the priest would pray to “God in Jesus Name”…

So you can be sure that I find myself later in life when an adult someone brought up the Trinity as being false and that there are no 3 in a god-head (Father, Son & Holy Spirit)…  I said, “ok – whatever, sounds good to me.” and they said, “But you’re Catholic.”… Anyway the point is – I didn’t know of this doctrine.  When I head Father/Son – I never thought of them as the same.

However bring in the other side of Christians who do believe in it for some reason brought me into the fight.  This was back in 1997.  I did care, and that was the year I finally started to become a learner.

So who is Right?

I had to remove all biased feelings and first find out if the Bible was full of metaphors and symbolism.

FIRST – The concept of the Trinity in the Christianity seems to be the only time this became an issue.  So I then had to go backwards and basically become a Jew.

In the Old Testament (Genesis – Malachi) has not only laws and historical info, but also a prophecy leading to the coming savior – The Messiah.

So the question is was there a Trinity teaching before hand?

Genesis 1:26 we get God speaking saying “Let us make man in our image”

  • This starting point there is “us” and “our” which are plural nouns.

In Our Image בְּצַלְמֵ֖נוּ (Genesis 1:26)

Our Father אָבִ֣ינוּ (Genesis 19:31)

I don’t know Hebrew 🙁 but unlike English, most languages make more sense then English.

Words in Hebrew and In Greek seem to combine place and time within a word.  Where I don’t exactly know yet – but in time I’ll update this [Today 11/17/2017]

Throughout the Old Testament we see more of a mono-theistic view of God (singular God).

Then came the argument of the words for God in Hebrew

אֵל (El)

אֱלֹהִים (Elo-him)

Here is where I think people enforce a trinity concept.  Elohim is considered plural and yet at the same time singular.  Where you see “God” translated, it can be simply El or Elohim depending on context.

So what does Elohim mean in regards to plurality?  What I come to find is that if you are referring the highest of position, you don’t simply use El but rather Elohim.  It’s used to mean “majesty” or in other words “God of gods”.

The Proof?

Judges 16:23 where we find the Philistine’s God “Dagon”.  What do we know about Dagon?

He was a Fish-Man God and certainly no part of a Trinity… But in Hebrew language he was THE GOD of the Philistines.

Image result for dagon god

So in this case so far we do not see any sign of a Trinity in the Hebrew Scripture.


ISAIAH 43:11 mentions that besides God there is no Savior

Yet 2 Peter 1:11 says “our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”

What’s the issue here?  Well – there is none.

Letting scripture interpret things and not our guesswork.  Let’s look at other scriptures about “Savior”

(Acts 5:31) . . .God exalted this one as Chief Agent and Savior to his right hand. . .

(Acts 13:23) . . .God has brought to Israel a savior, Jesus. . .

Here we see who is the true Savior – that being God himself using Jesus as the Instrument to save.  Sounds familiar since the ever so quoted John 3:16 that “God loved the world so much He gave His only-begotten son…”

Kind of makes sense and if you want make sure everyone gets it, the smart and the dumb … this stands out heavy that God sent his Son!  Now if God sent himself that would be noble and loving but to send your own son is much higher than that.  (I might have to explain that concept of why he had to… i’ll try to add it soon but don’t hold your breath. . . the answer is amazing).

This same concept is found in the Old Testament (Judges 3:15) . . .God raised up for them a savior, Eʹhud.

Well if we went with the word “Savior” as proof of trinity, then apparently Ehud and the other Judges as part of the Trinity.  That doesn’t add up.

-END- I’m going to end it here and add in more soon.. however in closing

In speaking to others about anything – I find that so many do not want to be wrong!  Humility is lacking everywhere.  I know this because I hate being wrong, and I have being lied to.  However, sticking to one’s belief just because of an emotion and having no backing to why you believe it you only keep your life miserable and uncertain.  And frankly you end up putting undue stress on your life by trying to justify I think it’s time to slow down and humble our minds and open it to what is, and not what “I’m told”.

While studying this topic I would ask random people what they believed.  When I found  Trinitarian I would ask them to help me understand it.  Most uneducated just said “it’s a divine mystery”, some didn’t care, where the seemingly educated tried to a single scripture without the full context to make a point.

So far – So that’s It