Weight Loss / Fat Burning / Sugar Levels / Energy

That’s a loaded title!

I have some preaching to do here and I have a thesis I wrote from a compilation of information.  HOWEVER – as we all hate reading – I JUST found a nice presentation (audio) that will help you get the point!


For me to preach on about the real-life of it all:

1.  Keep in mind you need Carbohydrates to work out!  Don’t listen to anyone else, it’s the only source of energy.  Your body cannot break down anything else in sustainable energy.

2.  It takes about 30 minutes after eating for the food to start giving you it’s fuel.  So before I work out I eat a large bowl of shredded wheat and 1 or 2 Cliff Bars w/ protein.

You’ll notice your energy will not diminish


The answer came to me when my friend Dave went on a long Appalachian Trail hike.  One of his pictures he had a GUT!  What we all knew of Dave was he had a six-pack.  When he came back he still had the six-pack but – where did the fat go?

His answer is that he ate both Carbs & Fats, one for active hiking and bruit force jumps, and the other to heal over-night (at rest).

The verdict?  Fat Burning can ONLY come through consistent activity and healthy eating.