The Inner Person (Ego vs Id) – How It Affects You

Research on the Mind & Body

Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, William Wordsworth, Dr. John Sarno

These men were pioneers in the Psychiatric world!  With Dr. John Sarno at the end of the chain (where we certainly can insert many before his time).  Neuro-Psychology and Psychodymanics is the key areas of the discussion.

Here I am writing about “Repression” = involves unconsciously forgetting or blocking some unpleasant thoughts, feelings and impulses.

This may be great that we don’t remember anything ‘consciously’, but sub-consciously it remembers everything.

How does this affect us now?  When we fear something – the part of the brain “Amygdala” is in charge of Fight or Flight or Rest & Digest.  However it does not have a memory, but only a snapshot of things.

For example a molested child that in later years repressed (forgot) this memory and for good reason.  However, during events he smelled “old spice”, wore flip-flops, and a tank-top style t-shirt…  Your Amygdala gets snapshots of the event to react … basically it gets notes from another sections of the brain that feeds it (Hypothalmus)… It recorded an equation: – “Old Spice”, “Flip-Flops”, “Tank-Top” = Violation!

Unknown to the sufferer – as this memory is now repressed, for some reason does not wear flip-flops, never would be caught dead in a tank-top and finds colognes or perfumes disturbing.  Even when they see these products, they turn the stomach.

There has been for decades research about the mind / body connection.

Even in pharmaceuticals, scientists cannot completely explain “what” a medication does in the mind.  In fact, if the brain was fully understood along with the chemicals – then medications would not have such a long list of side affects, and they would work far more superior than placebos (fake pills), and yet Placebos come close enough to argue the whole concept of real medication.

So what is this Ego and Id?


This is a way to explain the “Child Primitive” within us that is selfish and if it doesn’t get it’s way it becomes enraged and blows it’s top!  As  child to be frank, children pick their nose and eat it, play with their genitals, say whatever is on their mind, repeat others – especially slightly older ones.

These are the years a child becomes conditioned.  Any exposure to anything at the adolescent age will brand itself pretty severely.

LOVE:  The child can have balanced exposure to love, or excessive exposure.  To go a bit further it can be heavily spoiled which shouldn’t be in this category of love, but translates from a parents side as “love”.

When this child grows older, if branded excessively will grow up expecting life to be handed over easily – their way, right away!  When this does not happen – sadly the Id is branded.  The inner child is screaming and therefore the brain produces a stress response… in it’s various forms.  Experience shows such reactions of this type could be cluster headaches, asthma, allergies – any issue giving excuses to run away when it’s not getting what it wants.

Some overly “coddled” children when aged, tend to look for emotional connections.  We also see this in children who Never were coddled and therefore, though polar opposites – both may seek the same thing.  When it does not – it simply has similar signs of depression.

This is just to illustrate how the Id is branded and affects adult later in life.


The Ego is simply the “Rules” learned to keep oneself in the confines of “Society” … This I can talk forever about as even “Society” follows the same game.

But there is more than simply “rules” from the Law or the Bible.  This is the type of rules we learn from Adults and anyone Superior.

For example – if a child was scolded (whether verbal or physical), lets say “being home late” where the parent belittles the child, withholds fun…etc.  This is actually a real experience I know, where the now Adult Woman when after work is unable to go anywhere but home first before going anywhere else… the store, hair appointment… Her Id learned that “being late” is not fun!  Thus the Ego comes in to protect the child, protect the “life” we have!  However – here is the spin.  The Id never wants to change, it still wants fun, and in fact it is enraged that it has a “rule” to follow and therefore becomes an inner struggle.

The Ego & The Id

What is Psychosomatic?

Pycho = Mind

Somatic = The Nervous System, primarily Sensory Nervous System and Motor Nervous System


Imagine back in school, where one day and you think it’s just a typical day… your teacher comes to you and says, “I hope you do well on your oral report today?” – – ORAL REPORT?  WHAT REPORT?  IN FRONT OF THE ROOM?

What would you “feel”?  Stomach Upset?  Sweating?  Shakes?  Bowel Movement?

Now I question you this:  Should this child go see a Gastroenterologist?  Maybe a Neurologist for the shaking and sweating?

Obviously Not – You see we Accept these bodily reactions because we KNOW where it’s sourced.  But the unexplained pains we always assume “something is wrong with out body.”

I myself at a time didn’t fully take to the idea when my friend Tom told me about it…

I needed an MRI to prove I was or wasn’t injured when I worked as an EMT, I was in college to try and advance in the medical world.

I had 5 herniated discs after the MRI and then after my pain got worse – because in Medical School you learn that a Herniation pushes against the spinal column must = pain.

My friend introduced me to Dr. John Sarno’s book and I read it.  I was now on the fence, because I did have a LOT of internal Rage… I worried allot which made me angry, I was scared of things which i hated… and each time I dealt with something, or situation – i noticed my pain increased… not knowing why at the time, but I do now.  What I thought I was enraged about was more than I was consciously aware of.

I called Dr. Sarno himself and even he felt I wasn’t fully sold on the idea of Mind/Body Connection (as he labeled years ago as TMS).  I then followed his course and things got worse before it got better, as he stated.  Until one day I was driving in tearful pain – Not ignoring my Ego and Id of their complains and worries… But rather not allowing the pain to pull my attention to analyze or judge or find out What Medically is Wrong?  (yes – it’s great to get checked to make sure – but when there are perfect tests – then let it go!) … well come to find out I was dancing and singing with NO PAIN!  Where was it?  It was gone! – – I kept twisting looking for the pain!

Sadly the Brain is smart … it still remembers the pain and rigid rules to protect itself… but not being heard in backpain, it waits dormant until the next fear arises in life to send out new alter signals.  Ready for this one?

My Back pain … after a few years of no pain, I got knee pain, I couldn’t walk.  After that left (following the principles again), irritable bowel!  Then to Hives!  Then to Cluster Headaches…. The Cycle does not end especially with one like me with OCD.

Sadly when life hit me hard and I did deal with an embarrassing situation, my TMS came back with a vengeance!  This time I turned to Xanax!  Bad move!  This only fed into the Psychosomatic reign because I was now hyper-focused on SELF – licking my wounds like a wounded dog.  I pulled away from society because my Ego judged me not fit!  “You will get picked in if you go outside!”  “you will be looked down upon!” – – I’m currently working on this one… but Xanax recovery is not fun!


  • Headaches of all sorts
  • Insomnia
  • Gastro Disorders (IBS)
  • Old Injuries that have been healed – hurting again
  • Hives
  • Inflammation (this is serious when out of control and poor diet, and lead into cancer)
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Chronic Pain (anywhere)

Real Life Examples

  • The woman who I mentioned that had to come home.  Her body is very unhealthy.  Sleep problems, Tinnitus, Vitamin deficiency, Swelling of forearms, pain
  • Myself – having been picked on all my life, I become OCD in achievement, I learned “how to learn” and even me on this site now typing at midnight, while dealing with Insomnia should NOT be doing this now.  But I have spinal pain again, headaches.  Previously I had it all.  Even before studying the Bible Itself and not listening to Dogma first – I was terrified of Death since Kindergarten!  (Thanks mom)… well that ruined a lot of my life.  I became a slight hypochondriac (fear death causing things).  Well thanks to Bible I have to say – I got rid of that fear in a large way.
  • My friend whose father committed suicide before he was born, had a mother who belittled him, he even feels he is responsible for his sister’s death when he was 12, she was 9.  He has 7 siblings ALL Half-Siblings from different fathers.  He himself was built and a person who LOVED So much, you felt special around him.  Yet he LOVED TOO MUCH!  If he wasn’t shown love or favor – he crumbled and ran way.  He would quit jobs all the time because “Stability” wasn’t normal.
  • I know a few in this category – “Glory Days”
    • There were many I knew who were “Beautiful”, “Sporty”, “Musicians” … we see this in most Famous People who sadly in later years get depressed.  All they knew was “How great they were” at the moment and Hollywood pushes them away.
    • Well – we can all feel this.  If you’re 10 years straight taking pictures and video of your real-time achievements and that day comes…. … Your no longer in the lime light…  …
    • Here is where the idea of “mortality” comes in… We question life now, we wonder what it all means.  I can only say for myself I know this feeling, but gladly in my Biblical understanding can I say – I’m not worried.  Yea – I still get angry the current suffering, but I get over it.
    • Parents can feel this when kids go away and no longer call; or we can’t swing the baseball bat like we used to.

I’ll add more, but the goal here is to understand – We don’t have a deficiency in Prozac or Xanax… We have a mental battle.  If we simply give some time to learn how to again Not Ignore emotions – – Emotions are meant to be felt.  The inner child and adult telling us something is wrong – when NOTHING is really wrong “Physically” – something is Wrong Emotionally.  We are NOT in Danger for our lives but our livelihood.

The Goal of the Ego

The brain knows that a “reputation” is far more important than a broken bone, loss of a limb even.  Happiness is about being One – With the Community.   Most who are in higher anxiety and become a recluse, or are bitter, angry whom no one wants to be around, these are the most vulnerable and the ones who are honing in the emotional source.  Their physical symptoms will get worse if they don’t continue to work with the emotions – not against them.

The goal is NOT to be hurt emotionally!  Not to feel lower, like the scum of the earth.  Like a molested child for some reason feels “Guilt” and if remembered in the future – still feels “guilt” when they had no say in the matter – they were a victim.  The “Fear” is likely in my opinion due to the “sense of joy” of being needed, or included… yet in reality the mind knows it was cruel and evil on the other party.

Breaking Free

Deep Breathe!  This part will take some time.

In the past when we were told “We shouldn’t be scared” and eradicate pain.  So when we repress them – PAIN COMES IN HARDER – with a Vengeance!

  1.  We need to listen to stress.  It’s telling us Something Needs To Change.
  2. Tune into the emotion using mindfulness meditation (if you need help – get the “Calm” app for the phone and buy a year)
  3. Sense the emotion – Let it be felt.  This is hard!  Some like myself got overwhelmed – but did my best to hold on to the “feeling”
  4. Don’t analyze the pain or feeling.  Don’t pick at “why” or “judge it”… Just feel it.
  5. Try to see the safety you really have.  You’re an adult now.  You are entitled to an equal life as everyone else has.  Self compassion is not Selfish – it’s “love”.. we are designed for Love, and we can’t love others without having love for ourselves.

The above is great done alone and should be.  It’s your time to feel.

This has to be repeated.  There of course is so much more to healing from inner struggles and rage.

A great audio book to have called “The Divided Mind” by Dr. John Sarno.  Or if you’re a reader – great, you’ll get more out of it.

Another great book is called “The Worry Trick” by David Carbonell – the audio book is great, I listen to it to help me sleep lol… just put on the timer.