Psychosomatic Illnesses & Pain

Welcome –
And if you’re here you most likely are dealing with:

  • Back Pain (yes even the creepy crawly pain
  • Hives
  • Fibromialgia
  • Constant Pain (in places where there is no reason for it)
  • Irritable Bowel
  • OCD “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”
  • Ulcers

In short the answer is here:

My ILLUSTRATION: You’re asked to present to large group of people a report that you had to research and create with no help. How do you feel? Nervous! What else? Stomach turns! Intestinal Movement?
So let me ask you – should you go to the doctor because your nerves are over-sensitive, your stomach is upset? No, becasue you know why it’s happening. But you would just LOVE to get sick and go home! Hoping even you would vomit!

My Experience:
Think first what you would rather deal with. Punch in the arm or Emotional pain? Doesn’t really matter how you answer because our ‘brain’ always chooses “emotional” pain as the worst case. The brain our autonomic system knows it can heal a broken leg or bruise. But “emotional pain” – is a nasty beast!
Like many of you we have childhood issues. We have things that happened to us that we don’t even remember, but it’s still in our brains. I grew up hearing about Ulcers, my dad had one or two next to every baby-boomer. Suddenly in the 90’s ulcers disappeared with nearly everyone! No one had one. Why? Dr. John Sarno researched that when everyone knew it was stress related – the brain no longer hand anything to shift it’s attention away from situations it wished to flee from. The new thing? BACK PAIN!

It was not easy to apply Sarno’s approach because the brain will not like you! Your back pain or whatever symptom you have is the brains way of diverting your conscious attention.