What are these brain things that ruin my mood?!

My fellow sufferers of imbalanced NTs!

  • Neurotransmitters (NT) – these are the areas in our brain that govern our moods.
    • How it works?  Let’s say you have so many bills to pay and you have No Money and they are do today!… You are not calm!
      • Now Make two fists.
      • On a table you see millions of quarters!!!  You may have as many as you want!  Here is the condition.  You can only use your RIGHT HAND.  One more condition, your right hand may only open if you have 2 Marbles in it.
        • Good thing though – your Left Hand has 6 marbles!  And when your right hand it done with a Marble, it can give it back to the left hand.

The Characters

Left Hand:  The “Sending” Neuron

Right Hand:  “The Receptor” or Receiving Neuron

Marble:  GABA – this is the Neurotransmitter that activates your Right Hand

Quarters:  Is “Chlorine Ion” or  Cl− This is what makes us calm.  Here is a picture

The Illustration Meaning

So we hear of “GABA” as the Feel Calm NT – but it’s not.  It’s the Key to open up the GABA-A Receptor (Right Hand) to allow the CL (Quarters) in… Yes – the CL is the the bomb!

So each receptor must have 2 NTs pulling the receptor open while CL flows through…   YAY !!! Quarters!  Now Pay your bill.

The Compromised Receptor!

Why then do we get anxious if GABA is there to open the channel?

That is the problem!  We have this other section of our brain called the “Amygdala” … Every hear of “Fight or Flight”?

Our lives past, present and “Anticipated” future (the one we foretell) creates memories in the Amygdala.  Smells, Sounds, Words, Faces from people, Experiences that scared us in the past…. ALL OF THESE trigger the Amygdala to fire off warning!

Now – if you were in front of a hungry brown bear and you’re covered with honey – I don’t think you want to be calm!  You want to be scared and ready for Fight or Flight!  Yup!  The Amygdala does just that. . . “Cease all transmissions”!

Neurotransmitters & Their Function

DOPAMINE:  PLEASURE / REWARD.  CALMING/STABILIZING in Peripherals (kidney, pancreas, Immune, cardio-vascular, Digestion…)

  • Depleated: Mood, Low Libido, Restless-Leg, Hopelessness, ADHD, Schizophrenia (*not always w/ dopamine), Ruminations, Racing Thoughts, Working Memory,
  • Excess: Tics, Psychosis, Hyper-sexuality, Nausea, Pain, Parkinson’s
    • Can mimic – Hyper-Thyroid or Low/High Serotonin.


GABA:  RELAXATION CHEMICAL (Anti-Anxiety; Anti-Convulsive)

  • Depleated: Anxiety, Depression, Low Concentration, Insomnia, Siezure disorder
  • Excess: Excess Sleep, Shallow breathing, High B/P



  • Depleated: Depression, Anxiety, Pain Sensitivity
  • Excess Serious: Shivering, Diarrhea, Muscle Rigidity, Fever, Seizures, Irregular Heart Beat
  • Excess Low: Depression, Apathy, Flattend Emotions / Dullness, Passivity, Insomnia, Problems Concentrating/Learning, Poor memory, Difficulty making decisions, Sexual Dysfunction


ACETYCHOLINE:  MEMORY, MOTIVIATION, High-Order thought process, Sleep, Secual Desire/Activity.  Also when low can act as a simulant for more Dopamine & Norepinephrine. || If SE goes up ACh goes down. (not bad in general if well balanced) – otherwise again when ACh is low – then it inhibits DE an NE

  • Depleated: Alzhiemers, Dementia, Parkinsons, Impared Cognition, Attention & Arousal.
  • Excess: Depression (All Symptoms), Nightmares, Mental Fatigue, Anxiety

How do drugs help?

Now picture your right hand trying to grab 2 marbles, but some reason your Right Hand is Shocked in Fear it locks up!

Xanax for example works on GABA Receptors

Xanax comes in and stimulates the Right Hand (Receptor) to Grab 2 marbles like an electromagnet… Pulling in GABA and therefore – restoring the Calm.

The Problem with drugs

As they are a great help for many people, the Brain is still in fear.  Fear will never leave unless you deal with those fears.  So even though you are “fixing a symptom” you are not fixing “the problem”.

The brain sits back trying to be anxious and worried about whatever, while forced to be calm.  The “System” is out of wack.  So in order to restore the “System” instead of fixing a “Symptom” – you NEED THERAPY!

If you cannot afford therapy I suggest purchase books on:

Cognitive Therapy & Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – and make them audio books as it’s better to hear someone else say it.

  • Any audio book with Jon Kabat Zinn; Mark Williams or Danny Penmen
  • “The Worry Trick” by David Carbonell