How CBD Works


Frankly I can ask you what “Really” is Sugar and what does it “Really” do?  Most of us cannot answer that directly other than “it taste soooo good and I get a sugar high!” – and well, you wouldn’t be wrong.  But it’s much more complicated.  Sorry I’m not gonna talk about Sugar… but check out my DoubleTree Hotel Cookie Recipe!

So let’s uncomplicate CBD


  • Your own body actually makes this, yet it’s also found in Cannabis plants. (Marijuana, Hemp…)

How does CBD affect the body?

Chemicals like Bleach, Ammonia all serve a purpose, so to does Chemicals in the Body.  They simply serve a purpose.

In our bodies we have Receptors for Chemicals…  CB1 Receptor for THC & CB2 Receptor for CBD.

CB1/2 Function

CB1 = These are concentrated in the brain and central nervous system (CNS) and as well as throughout our body.

CB1 receptors play a role in emotional regulation and memory, sleep, and other psychiatric disorders (e.g., bipolar, mood, anxiety disorders).

It also appear to impact predominately the GABA and Glutamate systems, but also affects the dopamine and serotonin systems.

Here’s the problem – A Sudden disruption of CB1 receptor reliably increases anxiety, impairs our ability to handle stress.  Cannabinoids (THC) in the brain can suppression of GABA release while suppressing glutamate release and excitability within the amygdala (our fight of flight section of the brain).

CB2 = Found mostly in the organs even the skin.

It’s also an inhibitor to CB1’s function (i’d explain but i’d bore you – but look up FAAH Enzyme if you want to know)

So far it seems THC is the better option than CBD… but hold on a moment.


What benefits does CBD Offer?

  • Controls certain Cancers
  • Reduces risk of artery obstructions
  • Eases Pain
  • Decrease pressure in the blood vessel wall
  • Strips grown of bacteria
  • Helps control epileptic seizures
  • Supreses Muscle Spasms and Convulsions
  • Slows Inflammation
  • Reduces risk of nerve damage
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Decreases the social isolation caused by THC
  • Eases nausea


Some ask about need for “Sleep” or “Fight off Free Radicals” … “Stimulate Bone Growth” … or “Encourage Cell Growth”

Hemp contains the “group” of “Phytocannabinoids” of which CBD is 1 of.  There are many like CBN, CBG, CBC and others.

These others are where those other nice factors come in.  So choosing an oil that contains CBD you can be sure it contains ‘some’ of the others.




Well – it is all theory and based on neuro-science and clinical trials.  Heck – why do people do weed?  It does something!

Now “weed” or marijuana from the Indica plant has TONS of THC that fits right in the CB1 Receptor.  It also has TONS of CBD.

Hemp on the other hand from the Stavia Plant – has minimal THC and primarily CBD, but nowhere near the amount Indica has.


I’m sure you will say this when trying CBD.  I have tried 3 brands and I felt nothing too.  I feel the main reason is MG of actual CBD.  Most “Hemp”