Dizzy After Workout?

Here is a nice site that says it all. Of course most everything I put on SoThatsIt is something I experience at the moment. Yes while I type this I feel like I’m about to pass out! I happen to have some sort of thing that my Blood Pressure doesn’t increase when I work out. Postural Hypo-tension maybe?  Or stress tightening up my head muscles because I don’t want to work out!


 My Experience Continued:  I got Chicken Soup from the Cafe but didn’t want to eat it.  I felt panic setting in like I was going to die.  So I sat down – took DEEP BREATHS SLOWLY (In through Nose – Out of Mouth).

Now after sitting down – I sipped the broth.  No better until now typing this I feel about 25% better. A little more alert than when I started typing this out.

My Educated Guess:  Certain parts of our bodies are weak and lack proper function and thus call on more Oxygen & Blood Sugar.  The PROBLEM is, is that if our bodies NORMAL Function is a TV & a bowl of cereal the body is never ready.  You see, the body is a clock on many levels.  Every start waking up before your alarm?  It’s because our brains HATE the alarm!  It’s torture and the brain is kind to not let us suffer.  So, if we use our muscles often, the body calls on stored fat to be released into the blood stream for energy.

The next problem is lactic-acid.  Simply put – the more dormant (lazy/unused) muscles we have the more demand for energy we need to 1) Stay conscious.  2)  Endure  3)  Feed the muscles sugar and water and oxygen.  Well – guess what, if you work out hard – you’re gonna be full of acid both muscular and even your stomach, as well as your bodies request for more Oxygen.  In other words – BLAAAAAH!  Lactic Acid is how glucose (sugar) is broken down by an oxidation process.  So what you THINK is something is medically wrong, but not in the way you think.  The key thing is SLOW DOWN TIGER!  I never learn my own lesson on that!

The added stress factor is neurological issues & Anxiety… The “I’m going to die” feelings.  The body knows what is REALLY going on and we don’t – we just “FEEL”.  So the body will take care of itself.  But we sure love to stir up the brain for Fight or 911.  It’s hard but try not to  ASSUME anything otherwise Anxiety will create more symptoms that are not there.

So if you find yourself feeling that way:

  1. Stop working out!
  2. Breath in a slow comfortable way (in through your nose and out through your mouth)
  3. Sit in a cooler area
  4. Sip water (Better yet would be soup broth – but likely you’re at a gym)
  5. Replenish Electrolytes (Salt, Potassium primarily … (don’t take a pill!)
  6. I suggest even a piece of candy under your tongue – do not eat something heavy as your body will need to use energy to digest it.  Something simple sugar just to spike up your blood sugar levels… but not too much!

It’ll take about 30 Min to get to a point where you will feel more control mentally and comfortable.

 Vocal Play of You & Your Brain
YOUR BRAIN: “This moron I told him not to work out – but he still decided to”
YOU: “(panth, panth, panth)…I don’t feel good… I’m going to pass out I think”
YOUR BRAIN: “well – now that I WAS TIRED and trying to deal with something else, now I have to fight both. I need to divert blood here, and there… so lets see… I’ll take it away from my conscious self (YOU), that outta shut him up and make him sit down!”
YOU: “What do I do? What do I do? – Let me surf the web to find! Call Mom? Lay down? Nothing is Working!!!”
YOUR BRAIN: “sigh… well I done fixed the one thing now I guess I have to feed this stubborn one some O2 & C12H22O11”
YOU: “I guess I feel a little better. I wonder if I have an aneurism?!?”
YOUR BRAIN: “No you don’t – stop storing stupid theories up here! Educate yourself for crying out loud”



So i have researched more and tested it all out.  I was passing out again and amazing the answer is in one word!


Yes – we are told to stay away if you want to lose weight and trim down.  But Carbohydrates are what gives the body energy to do the hard work!


When not working out – then cut them down (not out completely)

My Experience:

30 Minutes before I work out, I will have a large bowl of shredded wheat and a Cliff Bar.  Drink water also!

When I get to the gym, start on the treadmill to get the heart-rate up… a good 10-15 min jog will do.  Then work out – but you must get to a muscle failure!  That means push!  Your body will then pull both stored-fat and use your carbs for the large project.

When sore – your body uses stored energy fat to make repairs.

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