Exercise / Workout / Gym


If you just disagreed to the above – maybe just move on and go get ripped instead of eating.  But if you’re looking to motivate people like myself who would prefer a couch and some Triple Dark Chocolate Almonds from Wilbur’s – then read on.  (That was so a free advertisement for Wilbur’s!… I mean it is high quality!)

Why I hate working out?

  1. Genetics!  My parents aren’t that way – I’m not that way.  It’s inbred behavior
  2. I feel horrible doing it
  3. I get bored quick
  4. I’m also one who does push-ups once and feel like I lost weight and became Mr. Muscle – … So yea, I believe in the lie of muscle sorenes

Getting out of the Lazy Spirit!


 “If you want to get sick, disabled, live in pain or risk a painful death”  – – Well then stay on the couch!


((( MORE LATER – I’m getting distracted with work )))


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