How CBD Works

The CBD Hype

Frankly I can ask you what “Really” is Sugar and what does it “Really” do?  Most of us cannot answer that directly other than “it taste soooo good and I get a sugar high!” – and well, you wouldn’t be wrong.  But it’s much more complicated.  Sorry I’m not gonna talk about Sugar… but check out my DoubleTree Hotel Cookie Recipe! 🙂

So let’s make CBD uncomplicated.  It’s best to view CBD in terms of “food” like any other oil.


  • Your own body actually makes this, yet it’s also found in Cannabis plants. (Marijuana, Hemp…)

How does CBD affect the body?

In our bodies we have Receptors for our natural Chemicals…  In this case there are 2 – CB1 Receptor for THC & CB2 Receptor for CBD.

CB 1 & 2 Function

CB2 = In research is seem CB2 (where CBD connects to) holds the award for Inflammation control.  Receptors are found in organs throughout the body, and in the brain.  So in short – Pain, we want CBD.

CB1 = Where THC fits into, holds more authority in the CNS system.  Where you’ll find most of the benefits we all want to have, especially sleep and anti-anxiety.

Fearing THC?  I know I do, but it’s not all bad.  Real quick:

The problem is only in A Sudden disruption of CB1 receptor reliably increases anxiety, impairs our ability to handle stress.  Cannabinoids (THC) in the brain can suppression of GABA release – That means Panic Attack!  That is the part of the brain Xanax (a Benzodiazapine like Valium, Klonopin) … If you check there are so many blends that have lower THC but high CBD.


CB2 Receptors = Found mostly in the organs even the skin.

It’s also an inhibitor to CB1’s function.  CBD is like a selfish child shutting the door for Enzymes to work… thus why Pot smokers don’t go too crazy because CBD which 30,000 x’s higher in Marijuana than in Hemp – suppresses THC from running a muck.

CBD is Better for Morning Use!

This is my personal experience and then after wondering why am I so awake and can’t sleep?  Well – Look at the CBD Benefits list:

  • Controls certain Cancers
  • Reduces risk of artery obstructions
  • Eases Pain
  • Decrease pressure in the blood vessel wall
  • Strips grown of bacteria
  • Helps control epileptic seizures
  • Supreses Muscle Spasms and Convulsions
  • Slows Inflammation
  • Reduces risk of nerve damage
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Decreases the social isolation caused by THC
  • Eases nausea
  • Helps with Fatigue

This is a compilation I found through many sites and simply put the list where ALL AGREE.  Well – Sleep / Rest is NOT Listed!  In fact Anti-Fatigue is listed.

Secondly – HEMP (Sativa plant) is so minimal in CBD like 30 Parts Per Million where i mentioned Marijuana (Indica) has like 30,000 ppm.

And I know some users of Hemp seem quick to say “IT WORKS!” – but lets be honest – CLINICAL STUDIES always compares to Placebos and for the record “Placebos” hold up pretty high!  AND Who’s to say that the “Real Drug” isn’t also working from a “Placebo Affect”???  The data is not accurate.

In conclusion

CBD does work, it just may take some time in constant use.  I find it better than many supplements that I have tried.

It works in the Morning !  I tried 3 brands and I find them pretty much garbage.  I would say PrimeMyBody was great for the AM because it’s Nano Tech

If you’re looking for ANTI-ANXIETY, or SLEEP – Don’t Look at Hemp Oil!

Many will toss out the list of “Terpenes” – simply put is an aroma in EVERY HERB!  It’s what makes the smell, and have their own properties too.  But no one knows the full list and amounts in each oil.  The hemp plant contains well over  a 100 terpenes, but depending on how they processed it, these can or cannot be found in the CBD oil. Oil made of hemp seeds (not stems and stalks) is less abundant in terpenes than the similar product obtained from other portions of the plant where you’ll see “Stems & Stalks”.  So don’t try to hunt such a Oil down – you won’t find it.  Look for Reviews, but I suggest Facebook Groups for what you’re dealing with.


Some ask about need for “Sleep” or “Fight off Free Radicals” … “Stimulate Bone Growth” … or “Encourage Cell Growth”

Hemp contains the “group” of “Phytocannabinoids” of which CBD is 1 of.  There are many like CBN, CBG, CBC and others.

These others are where those other nice factors come in.  So choosing an oil that contains CBD you can be sure it contains ‘some’ of the others.