CBD & THC – OILS Discussion

Let’s make this CBD stuff simple

(updated 2/16/2018 @ 4:00 pm EST) – turns out in research I found bad information.

There are two key “Chemicals” in Marijuana THC (mind alteration <psychotropic>) & CBD (calming – “does all sense of good”)

Now When we think of one who smokes “weed” – from the biased viewpoint “A Stoner” we think of what?

  1. Very Chill and Calm!  High – (THC) and…
  2. Less body tension, less inflammation – (CBD)

There are other phytocannabinoid (Phyto = Plant) (Cannabinoid = Chemical in Cannabis)

So what’s the CBD Suggested to Help with?

Of the 9 Proven areas:

  • Relieves Pain / Lowers Inflammation
  • Relives fatigues symptoms
  • Has Anti-psychotic Effects… (Interestingly it inhibits THC from metabolizing)
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health
  • Lowers Incidence of Diabetes
  • Helps to Fight Cancer
  • Relieves Nausea

Is CBD a Drug then?

Here’s the thing – CBD is just like taking St. John’s Wort, Ashwagandha, Kava Kava, heck even Chamomile!  They are HERBS, and some people try to “claim it’s simply Food” – and I say anything that works on “Brain Neurotransmitters” (the chemicals that make us stable or unstable) is more of a drug…  But … But I say… don’t think of the word “drug” in a fearful sense.  Just like too much Sugar will have an adverse reaction.

These all affect us in some way – depending on the way our Metabolism works. . . And I mean our DNA – how OUR Specific Imperfect or Perfect Metabolism works.

Have you ever taken two types of Anti-Inflammatory’s like Advil & Aleve?  After trying both you say – Aleve didn’t work for me, but Advil did.  Both are meant for the same purpose, but – Metabolism (the way your body uses it) is likely the reason.

As many will say it’s “not a drug” – frankly everything is ’cause & effect”.  Sugar causes energy, too much causes a high, too little causes lightheadedness.  Now bring in something that effects enzymes, proteins and crosses into the brain.  Same concept.  But don’t let this fear you.

There are two types of plants in the Cannabis

Hemp vs Marijuana

What’s this picture telling me?

The “Pychoactive Content” is the “THC” <very “high” in the “HIGH” chemical.

Now you see why Hemp is the better option when one wants to avoid the “High”?  Hemp is VERY LOW in THC & a cool fact about CBD is that it works against THC itself by blocking areas (receptors) where it goes in the brain!

What Should I expect if I try it!?

Frankly NOTHING!  It’s harmless.  I find no change in myself really except during the day I function smoother.

I was on Xanax for 6 years!  I tried all the SSRI’s out there – and sure enough Doctors don’t know and/or just never learned that if 2 or 3 SSRI’s didn’t work – NO OTHER SSRI will likely work.  Again – DNA!  Metabolism!  I’d explain more but then we leave the “So that’s it” concept.

There is no “High” and you’ll not even sense difference other than maybe a more functioning day.  Night time = don’t do it if you ask me.  It relieves “fatigue” and you don’t want that at night.


Here is the interesting part.  No one knows.  Each person metabolizes differently.

Some “doses” are higher than others – depending on the company.  So one may say 1mg of CBD, and another 16mg!

I’ll tell you this.  I’m VERY sensitive to any medication.  I went as high as 8mg and felt no difference.  I tried 50mg of phytocannibinoids (no cbd value was listed) and felt NOTHING… except awake and functioning.

I would start at 5mg of CBD for a week and see how you feel.  One research said 2.5-5mg is for general health.  If you feel nothing, and go for 10mg.   Remember – 1)  It’s food and 2) it’s CBD and can only make you drowsy.

Brand Matters!

Some proprietary grower may not have anything good, and possibly unhealthy.  Hemp will suck up from soil EVERYTHING it’s grown in.  So read about purity.  I do want to try next Charlotte’s Web, or Hannaway CBD.



I can’t say for sure – because everyone has a different story.  Some say more chill … I can say that’s possible form the lack of Inflammation and cleansing CBD has.  I haven’t felt “Chill”  but I felt more able to function even without a lot of sleep.

Worried about a Urine test taking CBD?

NOPE!  Fortunately, the urine drug screen for THC-COOH… So Regular Users of CBD will only every have a small fraction of THC.  Being the Half Life has contrary opinions, it appears to average around 12 hours.  So you ask – “Half Life?”

Once consuming a drug or herb – your body metabolizes it and it rides in blood plasma.  After that you body will break it down over time as the body also uses it.  Peaks drop at the half life, “When the effects (concentration) will start to drop”.  Research shows It takes another half-life to drop again to about 25% level… and so on…  Thus 12 (50%) another 12 (25%) another 12 (12.5%) another 12 (6.25%) etc…  So the whole life is about 2 days.  So if you are to take a urine test and you take a LOT of CBD Oil – maybe consider stopping for 2-3 days.

Should you worry about THC Build up then?

I can’t say no – it depends on how much we take and again – our tolerance (back to DNA again as well as our Mind’s ability to balance) – – Should I talk about Neurotransmitters?… i’ll do that in another post 🙂

MOST companies selling CBD Hemp OIL is likely to have less than 0.5% THC.  Most I see are showing 0.3%

An individual consuming 1000-2000 mg per day of hemp oil would thus consume approximately 3-6 mg of THC. This exceedingly high dose may result in detection of positive urine screen in up to 11% to 23% of assays (assays is basically the testing of a compound of something).

But you heard CBD in Marijuana is better than Hemp!

I hear a lot of stuff too!  But CBD is CBD!  Right?  Water is Water either from the clouds, a stream, a fountain, a toilet bowl!  (Bad Dog!)

Hemp oil does only have trace amounts of CBD,  normally less than 25 parts per million (ppm) compared to medicinal marijuana cannabis oil extracts that typically contain between 30,000ppm – 300,000 ppm.  And as for THC, Hemp has over 400-600 times less THC than Marijuana… now it gets real interesting!

Wait – PPM – Parts per what?

Just think of any measuring concept…  1 dollar is 1 part to a million dollars.  Or in pennies, 1 cent is one part of a Million Pennies!  Sigh… We’ll be on a Coin Star machine forever!

Let’s stick with the Dollar Figure

Image result for one dollar bill (1 Dollar) – this is 1 part of the below…

Image result for million dollar bill (1 Million Dollars)


Hemp CBD = of the million dollar illustration is about 25 bucks.  Doesn’t sound so great yet.

Hemp THC = is 0$ …..  Yes 0$  ….  There is no THC within the hempseed, although trace amounts of THC may be found in hempseed oil when plant matter adheres to the seed surface during manufacturing.  So really – any THC in the oil is simply an accident.

Marijuana CBD = This winner gets to start at $30,000 and as mentioned can raise to over $300,000!

Marijuana THC = Simply starts at $5,000-$6,000

Feeling Cheated by Hemp Oil???  Yea me too!  But at least we pass the urine test and can drive straight!

It simply means – Dosage from Hemp Oil will be more and you strictly get CBD.

Buying Hemp Oil

In the US you can only buy Hemp Oil, unless you’re in a legal state to get true Medical Grade.  Medical Grade you are risking high levels of THC when consumed orally.  So Hemp Oil is your only options.  HOWEVER!

Many manufacturers label their bottles as “CBD products”… but that means nothing.

  1. Quality – sadly you won’t know because the “Market” is full of liars.  Have you ever ate at a diner and to Maple syrup and the label reads: “Breakfast Syrup” or “Pancake Syrup“… Well that’s actually saying it contains NO REAL MAPLE SYRUP!  They may even put a Maple Leaf on the label.  Sorry – it’s just cooked High Fructose Corn Syrup with FLAVORING!  Now say sorry to your liver!
  2. Reading the Label of CBD

A bottle that says “375mg Sublingual Drops” and on the back it says “Hemp Extract 20 mg”  – – Back labels may list by “Serving Size” or “Bottle Content” so you have to read, but mostly it’s “Serving Size”

My Experience

Product 1 “Mitchell’s”

This company of 1 of the products I purchased explains it this way: 

Quote:  “Yes, the 375mg, 15ml bottle is 375mg minimum CBD per bottle, plus CBN, CBG and CBDA, (and trace amounts of THC, less than the legal %.03) . It says 20mg hemp extract per serving on the bottle, which is a full dropper. Half a dropper is about 10mg CBD.” – end quote

The above reads well – So far I am at 4 droppers full (80 mg according the the above) I feel nothing really.  .  . Ok now I tried 5 and still nothing. (10/31/2017)

I’m now reading about something new and exciting is “Nano-Enhanced” – – – Don’t worry I’ll dumb it down!

Product 2 – Prime My Body (Nano-Tech) – http://neuroremedies.primemybody.com

Most CBD Products say “Sublingual” (Under the tongue).  So what we eat or put under our tongues will take time to “Metabolize” or Break Down.  Science using Nano-Technology will have it broken down already for the body to get it absorbed faster.

11/1/2017 – and I tried it an hour ago.  I tried 2 pumps to start – nothing… but then I tried 3 and I’ll have to say – I am rather tired is the word I would use.  Which I find odd because the label is clear that 10 pumps of the small bottle is 1 serving.  It has 25 mg of Hemp Extract & 16 mg of Phytocannabinoid  (likely CBN, CBG & the added MTC not from Hemp).

Headache time:  With only 3 pumps 24/3 = 8 … ?  8 mg of Hemp?  Come to find out it’s a direct hit of CBD because it’s FULLY AVAILABLE, as opposed to your body taking time to break down natural pressed oil.

The only benefit I find is Day Time Use!  Night time is horrible for me.  It appears to perk me up a bit, but more mellow.

The only explanation I have on this is the NANO TECH!  It’s so broken down the the bio-availability (meaning your body can use it right away without having to be metabolized).  So far we’ll see.  I think it’s worth a try.  I have more companies to try.