Disclaimer: I’m an EMT, my father a was an Army Medic and my mom a Pharma Tech. This makes me a nobody. However my research and experience I usually find a compilation of facts and theories that I like to put together.

I’m going to start with my experience with medications, pain management, weight control. I will be interviewing others as well.

I find research is never 100% because you can take 100 people where 40/100 have high anxiety in life and thus report different results based on their feelings, vs. the others who have faith in whatever trial they go through. So I will add in the background history/genetics of those I speak with.

Nothing I say within/herein any article does not support, suggest or hold any responsibility towards treatments. I say for liability sake, but also for the sake that what I find is a again a “compilation” of research and experiences. I like to speak in factual terms, I don’t like this system that pushes “pills” or promotes” diets.

If you have experiences and would like to add to this site I’ll soon put in my email address here – though I think it’s on the main page.

Thank you,