SoapUI Basic Overview

SoapUI Free Version Basic Overview

I’ll start with the Free Version as most of you will have the Pro version for only 14 day trial and get stuck with Free Version. I discuss the differences of [Pro vs. Free] in the link bearing that name.

1. Create a project, don’t be scared just right click on the Project and select “New SoapUI Project

2. New Project Prompt

  1. Name your project, but name it properly like the overall Project like “UnifiedService_TestAutomation”
  2. Browse for your WSDL
  3. Check only the first box. You want to be in control and manually create your testSuites. And you won’t need to simulate if you’re at a company with WebServices running.
  4. Click OK

3. Imported WSDL Result
Now you have your first WSDL imported and your Project is now started. Here is what you have:

  1. Green Hour Glass Icon is your WSDL Parent object (Very important area you will be going into next)
  2. The Synchronize Icons below it you have your ‘Requests’ associated to the WSDL
    1. Of course expanding your Request Parent shows you the actual SOAP request. This is your testStep that you add to your test cases. Though you can run it from here.
    2. Note: Whatever you change in here will carry over when you send this to a test case

4. WSDL Setting the endpoint

    1. Double Click on your WSDL (Hour Glass)
    2. Click on the “Service Endpoints” tab
    3. You only need the Endpoint field populated unless you have specific restraints that you need the other fields, but most likely not.
      1. If you test with multiple environments, you can add more OR for a genius you point to a property at the Project Level by typing this: ${#Project#endpoint}
        • This is simply saying “look in #Project properties” for a property named “#endpoint”
        • So real quick: if you double-click on the Project

      • Click on the “Properties” tab below
      • Add new and name it “endpoint” and put your URL in the Value

What I do in practice is I use Groovy Script to create a prompt for what Environment one wishes to test in. Based on what they select, its overwrites the ‘Value’ and proceeds with the test.

More to come – I’m working on this as I work 🙂