Hello SoapUI UserssoapUI_header_logo
Amazing Program! What else can I say.

No doubt for Free Version uses it’s rather tedious in nature, but if you can’t use Pro it is still worth it in the long run.
Pro users – need I explain how great it is expecially with the FORM view for tag population.

So what can I offer you?
I work for a major corporation that switched over to SOAP Services. So with WSDL based structure, Oracle Inserts, HTTP Request – – I’m so glad I found SoapUI!

Lets get to right to the point. I was able to create a project of some 160+ testSteps (APIs) and with SoapUI sew them all together into a SINGLE-CLICK test! Yes I know I created my job replacement ~ But either way it was sure fun building it.

But How Do I!!!!??? That was me along the way and pulling pieces of info from forum to forum, from site to site and compiled all I learned and want to put it all here!

In this site for SoapUI I’ll start with Groovy Script, and build as much as I can. My site is in slow progress since I work full time and a volunteer minister outside of work.

Hope what I have found helps you!
Rob Long