How to make a Webpage Searchable

So as a collector of awesome articles and research, I sometimes stumble on links that are just perfect. Thus I end up saying “Couldn’t have said it better myself”… Buuuuuuut I’m going to try!

So most people will have tons of information on what do to and they are correct, but they don’t break it down simple as they “could”… especially for non-techy/geeky or whatever you want to calls us.

SUBMIT TO GOOGLE (You need a GMAIL account to do this)


More Info for now while I try to balance my full time job and this site: The link here can help for now “


  1. Update your webpage often!  Cycle through your content and change it up from time to time.  Web-Bots look for content changes.  Yes – Web-Bots … it’s my industry name I give it.
  2. Stay away from pictures as much as you can – but if you use them, name the properly and specifically.  No acronyms !
  3. Optimize as much as you can – using Keywords, SEO wizards, Meta Tags…
  4. Visit your page – and don’t go posting your link all over the place.  Get people, friends to search and click.  If you get any hacker to use your link as a re-direct, you will be disfellowshipped from Google Search… nasty penalty – but you can recover.