So That’s It!


All my life I’ve been intrigued by knowledge and truth about things and many sites out there you research have such long drawn out answers. . . When I see too many words I am drained!

How my site works?  I study about a topic until I know all I can.  I put all the research together and analyze it with logic to come to a conclusion.

About me:  By far I am not genius.  I grew up with horrible grades, went to summer school many times and also dropped out of college.  Until I was 20 years old someone finally helped me to learn and analyze and since then – I now understand how to teach properly.

Feel free to send an email to if you want me to look into something and post it for you. I’ll admit for now the posting will be slow since this is a hobby of mine to share with others.


Mr. So-That’s-It